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In 1997, the old Stockton School was renamed Gordon Parks Academy School of Radio, Animation, Film and Television after the late, great, legendary Gordon Roger Alexander Buchanan Parks. Mr. Parks was a groundbreaking African American photographer, musician, poet, novelist, journalist, activist and film director.  He is best remembered for his photo essays for Life Magazine and as the director of the 1971 film Shaft.

Gordon Parks (Nov. 30, 1912 - Mar. 7, 2006

GPA's Mission        
The mission of GPA is to provide each student a diverse education in a safe, supportive environment that promotes self-awareness, self-discipline, motivation, and excellence in learning.
GPA's Philosophy   
The Gordon Parks Academy staff believes that an efficient and effective learning program should involve all students in a hands-on enabling environment. Students must be stimulated to learn in a child friendly, goal oriented, data driven environment where "being the best they can be" is expected.
GPA's Vision        
GPA is a school where student and staff talent and programs are combined to create a variety of integrated opportunities for discovery and thematic learning which will provide self-esteem, higher level thinking and decision making skills.

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School Supplies (Suggested)
It is NOT a requirement to purchase all items listed the first week of school.
Supply needs will vary based on student, grade, and class schedule.
Save your receipts.

General Supplies
3 ring binder, looseleaf paper and dividers
Spiral bound or composition notebook.
Pencils (#2 or mechanical)
Zip or USB drive
Organizational Helpers & Study Aids:
3x3 Post
White board markers
Pencil Case
Colored pencils
a padlock. 
Physical Education
Appropriate workout clothing – School Colors, to be worn to school the day(s) of gym
(School uniform, Shorts, T-shirt, Sweatpants, Sweatshirt)

My Soccer Share was a great success! 

What is My Soccer Share?

My Soccer Share (MSS) is a special soccer clinic offered by high school senior and soccer player, Romina Dichio. Romina decided to combine her passion of playing soccer with teaching children. In addition to offering a complimentary 90 minute soccer clinic held in the Gordon Parks Academy gym, Romina also coordinated a donation of 20 soccer balls to the participants and to the GPA Physical Education program. 
Romina started the clinic with an ice breaker activity by having the participants introduce themselves and what they know about soccer. The 5th graders then stretched and learned two simple soccer skills, which included the correct ways of passing and dribbling. Once the students engaged in some fun competitions, they played a short match that was full of excitement. 
The students learned and practiced soccer moves and were also reminded of the importance of good sportsmanship.  This was the second MSS clinic held at the school. Romina stated "The 5th grade students were great and I will definitely be coming back to Gordon Parks Academy next year!"

2016 Summer Reading List
(Click the link above to download the list)

Beginning with the September 2011-2012 school year, our school district / school has been conscientiously implementing the requirements found in the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights. Gordon Parks Academy recognizes annually:
Gordon Parks Academy received a grade of 65 out of 78 for our efforts to address bullying so far. Gordon Parks Academy staff will continue their efforts to address bullying.

Gordon Parks Academy Students Shine on TV Show!

The purpose of the NJ Clean Communities Student Exchange is to facilitate an exchange of information and ideas on environmental issues related to extreme weather, litter and the proper handling of waste.  Students from points all over New Jersey participated in a beach clean up, dune planting and environmental workshops. One of the highlights of the trip involved Gordon Parks Academy students participating in a roundtable discussion and jigsaw workshop regarding extreme weather and pollution. A television crew from Classroom Close-up, NJ videotaped and interviewed Morgan Hayes, Nyanna Emanuel, Johanna Pristell, Jelani Ali and Juilyo Perry documenting their environmental journey.

A special thanks to Ms. Leslie Shults, Dr. Gloria Scott, Ms. Maria B. Johnson, Ms. Aimie Smith, Mr. Lincoln Lawrence, Ms. Sandy Huber, Mr. Donny Wharton, Mr. Bryant Cowart, the Classroom Close-up Production crew and Team Student Exchange - Tyson Elementary, Tyson Middle/High School, East Orange High School and STEM Academy for supporting us and being a part of this journey.


Click HERE to see the presentation created by student Juilyo Perry following his experiences with the NJ Clean Communities Student Exchange.
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